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Art, Illustration, and Environments

Educational Murals to enhance your academic setting. Our murals are designed to focus on areas of study for the particular location of the mural, and age appropriate.

Custom Check In Areas/Desk give a welcoming and exciting impression of your program. We strive to maximize first impressions as well as traffic flow and productivity. So that you can get your guests to the appropriate location with ease.

Dimensional pieces are a good way to bring to life certain aspect of a design and concept. We use various materials such as styorfoam, wood, and plastics to fabricate customs pieces. 

We create one of a kind stage props to give your children's worship area a unigue and exciting place for kids to praise and learn more about Christ.

Our puppet and performance stages give you creative ways to bring your curriculum to life. Working doors, windows, lights and media elements interwoven into the design for a seamless stage set.

We offer custom signs and way finding elements to help communicate to your audience in fun and exciting way.

Window paintings for the holidays, sales, or to celebrate an event. Our window painting is like nothing you have seen before. They are works of art!

One of a kind playhouses. These playhouses are themed and whimsical. If you are looking for a playhouse that is different, these will certainly suit you.

Many other companies have turned to printing murals with the same basic characters and backgrounds. We still offer one of a kind, unigue, and hand-painted murals. Murals are priced to compete with the printed materials, but gives you a more custom finished product.